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AOE Workshop @ Okra Yoga - 4/11/18

The Art of Intentional Eating with Annie Goldsmith & Melissa Elder

Date: Wednesday 4/11/2018 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

The experience of eating is one of life's greatest gifts. Yet in our current culture, nourishing our bodies has become an increasingly complicated and sometimes stressful task. Annie Goldsmith, RD and Melissa Elder, LCSW specialize in helping people unpack the confusion and rediscover joy in their relationship with food. In this workshop, participants will deepen their understanding of:

-The practice of mindfulness and how it applies to the eating experience and our relationship with food and our bodies. -Intuitive eating principles such as attunement to hunger and fullness, coping with emotions without using food, and permission to eat without guilt or shame. -The use of meditation to deepen our connection to ourselves and more fully understand our hungers. -The role of the mind/body connection in how we nourish ourselves, and how the practice of yoga strengthens this connection.

Annie and Melissa have over 10 years combined experience working with people from all walks of life to improve their relationship with food and body. Whether you are seeking freedom from restrictive eating practices, or just want to deepen your mind/body connection, join them for this workshop on the Art of Intentional Eating.

$30 pre-register, $40 day of

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